Rescue 3 - The Old Days

Fireman Tom McKenna" takes a "blow" after another working fire in the Bronx.
This photo was taken in 1963 at Fordham Rd. and Jerome Ave.

Members of Rescue Co. 3 pose with their new 1971 Mack Model 'R'/Providence at Audubon Avenue & W.185 Street in Washington Heights Manhattan. Shown standing is Lt. John Ryan, Fr. Tom Kennedy, Fr. Charlie Brady, Fr. Dan Cleary, Fr. Bill Michell. Kneeling are Firefighters Butler & Carmine Groccee. Bill Michell, Thanks for the Photos!
Please be assured the tradition continues.

Photo by George "Bud" Adcock
Rescue Co. 3 (lower right) at box 66-22-1562 on June 3rd 1956 at Lenox Ave & 135 St. in Harlem. Squad Co. 1 is also shown, at that time Squad Co. 1 was located in the quarters of Engine Co. 59 on W. 137 St. between Lenox Ave. & 7th Ave.

Buddy Croce (Retired Member of Rescue 3) Administering Mouth to Mouth to a victim removed from an apartment fire while in Tower Ladder 44's Bucket. Box 2714 in the Bronx at 87 W. 169 St. on June 2, 1971.

FF. Jack Mayne & FF. Jerry Masone both Firemen in Rescue Co. 3.
Jerry returned years later to Rescue Co. 3 as a Lieutenant.

Photo by FF. GS Tufte
FF. Art Landau R-3 At Box 66-33-1443, 246 E. 121 St. & 2nd Ave.

FF. Burke R3 later became a Lieutenant in Rescue Co. 4

Lt. Jim Huben (Administering mouth to mouth) & FF. Rich Kurtz (R) both of Rescue Co. 3.