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Gerry Schrang was a 20 year veteran of F.D.N.Y.

With his loss, a tremendous amount of experience was also lost. Gerry had worked in some of the busiest companies in the F.D.N.Y.

Gerry's career started on East Tremont Ave. in the Bronx in Engine Co. 45. Years later, fire duty began to move west across the Bronx, so did Gerry. Gerry transferred to Engine Co. 75 and later moved across the floor to the the truck, Ladder Co. 33. After years in one of the busiest fire houses in the world, Gerry continued to search for something more. He then transferred to Rescue Co. 3.

Gerry had also volunteered many, many years of his life the Holbrook Volunteer F.D. on Long Island where he held all ranks including Chief of the Department.

Gerry had a great love for the outdoors, the fire service and his family.

Gerry leaves his wife and two children.